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SK Brazing  
Manual Brazing Equipment.

SK Brazing has designed and implemented automation solutions for most industrial applications, from simple machines to complex systems that are fully automated. SK Brazing prides itself on the craftmanship and quality levels found in their equipment.

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Manual flame.

Our manual brazing solutions are designed to provide a reliable, consistent and efficient solution for most applications in the industry, from  a simple gas saver that will allow you to save money on the consumption of resources, to the semi automated solutions like our DIGITAL TORCH KIT were you can save the recipe of the brazing joint and let the operator use a pre-made program for each type of proper joint and models, lowering the dependance on high qualified personnel on your daily base production.  

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Products Detail.

Gas saver definition.

There are a lot of gas torches in use around the world. From a practical viewpoint, we can also see a considerable amount of gas waste, so we created equipment to reduce the consumption of fuel gas and oxygen called the "Gas saver". 

Gas saver components.

The Gas Saver incorporates electronically operated valves for the on/off switching of gas/oxygen or air, etc., which includes a torch hanger unit, igniter, electronic PC board, etc. 

Gas saver operation principles.

The oxygen valve and gas valve are opened simultaneously by a micro switch, when a torch is lifted by hand from the "Rest Arm", which can be sparked for "T" seconds. Therefore, an operator can use the torch and igniter to ignite the main flame in preparation for brazing, soldering or welding. Upon the completion of the work cycle, the torch is simply replaced on the "Rest Arm" and the main flame will be extinguished. 

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Manual wire feeder

SK Brazing has developed a manual wire feeder for feeding a brazing wire easily for a manual brazing operation. A brazing wire is fed by pressing an LED switch on the gun with the speed and amount memorized.

Major functions. 

  • Adjustable feeding amount and speed.

  • It can memorize the feeding amount and speed.

  • Brazing alloy saving with a memorized amount every time.

  • Uniform brazing joint geometry can be achieved with the specific amount of heat applied.

  • Visual quality control to see a brazing fillet. 

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