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Vertical Expander JDM

The JDM vertical expander is a professional HVAC equipment dedicated to expand heat exchanger coils reliably with little damage. The high productivity enables the machine to complete expanding, flaring and edge folding in a short cycle time. The high precision ensures that tubes are expanded uniformly and fins remain undamaged.


1. Full functionality – Integrated flaring and expansion.
2. High Automation – Front and back plates auto storage, auto-rod pattern, supportive base auto adjusting.
3. High accuracy and reliability – Servo controlled screw rod driven.
4. Operator safety and ergonomics – Servo driven front plate flipping, equipped with safety guard.
5. Customized options available.


1. Hydraulic/servo motor drive.
2. Coil load & eject system (Manual door/Turnover door/rotary table).
3. Auto-rod Pattern.
4. Non-shrink configuration.
5. Stepped coil applicable.


GC Fin press line

GC series fin press line is a machine specially used to manufacture fins applied to air-conditioner Condense and evaporator, water heater, etc. It works with full automatic mode.


1. Ultra-high-speed host: upto 400spm stroke rate, four-column double-axis four-point, 30mm stroke, extended slide guide, eccentric balance technology, integrated main body.

2. Servo feeding mechanism: 1P/2P automatic switching.

3. Servo suction discharge: standard suction length 1200mm.

4. Optional independent trolley for receiving materials: the trolley is passively lifted, automatically positioned, lifted, equipped with a front baffle plate and a collecting pin card.

5. Optional double roll decoiling: ground guide wheel, decoil tension unit, independent control;

6. Optional cyclone type to collect scrap: it is more convenient to collect scrap.

7. Servo pressure material and quantitative fuel supply: provide stable fin back tension and independent volatile oil pump station.


This machine is specifically designed for fin production of copper-aluminum fin heat exchangers.

Automatic Copper Tube Hairpin Bender

Fully automatic Hairpin Bender The JDM patented hairpin bender is dedicated equipment for the production of hairpin tubes, often used in HVAC heat exchanger coils. It is fully automatic in tube feeding, bending, cutting, and discharging. The bending device can move along the track to suit different hairpin length requirements.



  • High production rate

  • Reliable and stable

  • Configuraiton customizable


Horizontal Portable Expander

This is a cost effective basic model for expanding heat exchanger coils. It is manually operated and is suitable for small business where flexibility is more important than productivity.


Key Features:

1. Flexible – Suitable for a wide range of configuration of heat exchangers.

2. Easy to operate – Simple and quick to master the operation.

3. Configurable – Different configurations for different applications.

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