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Recovers rates up to 98%.*

Greater efficiency in Helium consumption.

Recovering Helium allows you to generate significant savings in time and money.

Our HER (Helium Recovery Systems) systems are designed to provide the highest efficiency in Helium consumption in various industrial applications, allowing to obtain great results in Helium recovery. We have seen savings rates of up to 98%.*

* To obtain these results it is necessary for the system to operate under ideal conditions.


Helium recovery machines

Why use Helium HER

recovery machines?

  • Reduce costs / Greater savings.

  • Recovery up to 95%*

  • Increase in productivity / cost reduction.

  • ROI avg. 6-9 months*.

  • Connection to several systems / lines.

  • Works with all brands of leak detection.

In case you require another capacity, we have tailored solutions.

  • Helium accumulation tank / balloon

  • Vacuum-pressure screw / piston compressors

  • Helium concentration sensor

  • Filtration system with activated carbon and moisture eliminators

  • Control panel with various functionalities

Additional Products:

  • Dehydrator

  • Helium pokayoke

  • Automatic supply system

  • Helium Mixer: (20% -70% and 50% -50% 90% -10% -90%) of He-N2, He-Ar (air bags).


Below is a graphical representation of the operation of one of our Helium HER recovery systems.

The work cycle begins with the filling of the System

with Helium at high pressure.

Helium recovery systems

Exit to pressure
supply lines.

Helium gas from leak test systems (vacuum line approx. 600 mbar. abs).

Vacuum tank

Gas mixer (optional).

High pressure

Vacuum pressure

Vacuum pressure

The accumulated gas that has been recovered is reincorporated into the system to be reused.

Helium is supplied with the desired working pressure according to the specific test station.

Once the test is completed, the gas is returned at low

pressure to the gas tank.


Maintenance policies

Prevention saves money and time.


Development and implementation.

Refurbishment stock


Critical refurbishment in stock.
Training for your work team.
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