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HVAC Components Brazingnts

Gas flame heating Brazing Machines

Various brazing machines are used for
brazing HVAC machine parts. In addition, welding, soldering machines and various assembly machines are being built to easily assemble these parts.

Aluminum or copper coil Brazing

SK Brazing has built several types of gas
flame heating coil brazing machines for
brazing the U-bends of copper heat
exchangers and aluminum heat


Torches that move up/down with a fixed machines slat conveyor.

Coil brazing
machine types.

SK Brazing coil brazing machine

• 2 or 3 stage flame control types
• Orange peel free design by precise
flame control
• Less erosion by precise flame control
• Good memory unit for torch height
and width, flame condition, conveyor
speed, etc.
• Precise flame control provides ideal
conditions for brazing.
• Easy model changeover.
• Leak free joints by providing a good
brazing diffusion condition with heat
balance between the U-bends and
coil body.
• High brazing speed.


Automotive Component

Brazing Machines.

Various brazing, welding, soldering and assembly machines are used for brazing automotive mechanical parts. In particular, it is used for brazing various aluminum, stainless steel and steel parts.

These machines have various

- Special torch design for uniform heating.
- Automatic torch position change.
- Automatic flame change function.
- Rotation/up-down flame oscillation.
- Three-stage flame control function.
- Elimination of orange peel crack and

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Automotive Component

IHX assembly brazing 
machine with bending tubes.

In order to braze various IHX joints in bending condition, SK Brazing has been producing many styles of brazing machines, as follows. 

One pair IHX bending tube brazing machines.

These machines are widely used for the brazing of IHX tube joints in bending condition. They are designed as one pair to improve the production rate. An operator can load at teach station of the brazing machine in the shuttle. This machine can braze from one to several joints (over 10 joints) at each station in the shuttle. SK Brazing is the first in the world to develop this capability. 

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