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Not machines but results

Experience and Innovation

For more than 70 years, we have been developing innovative technological solutions in response to the growing and changing demands from the market.

We were the first to:

  • Produce CNC tube bending machines

  • Produce right and left tube bending machines

  • Produce multistack and multiradius tube bending machines

  • Integrate a variable radius into the bending process

  • Produce full electric tube bending machines

Infinite solutions for every
business need.

Since 1948, evolution has been our mission with the future in our sights as our final destination. This is how our way of thinking translates, because we believe that development is the right way to respond to innovation, and we need to aim for the future to truly make a difference.


Bending machines

  • Small Series: solutions for aluminium tubes with small diameters

  • Clever series: single head double sense compact tube bending machines

  • Linear series: compact, versatile tube bending machines suitable for your project

  • Up & Down series: right and left bend directions for limitless bends

  • Heavy series: powerful, compact machines for high intensity bending processes

  • Heavy BWT: four tube bending machines for heavy processes on tubes with large diameters and thicknesses

  • T series: specific solutions for complex processes

  • Basic series: Simple, cost effective, Crippa.


Endforming machines

Rapid series: compact layout for precision processes on simple geometries.

Quick series: advanced technology for complex endforming operations.

Heavy-S series: power, flexibility and precision also in the heaviest processes


Centred around your work.
All-inclusive quality and professionalism

Crippa provides consulting and technical assistance all over the world, offering advanced software solutions and applications. Our R&D team is at your service, and always attentive to your needs, and we also provide you with a post-sales service to help whenever you need it. 

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