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Experience in Metal Forming Industry 

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About JDM

JDM JINGDA MACHINE(NINGBO) CO., LTD is the only one listed press/punching metal forming manufacturer in China. With great products and a brilliant team, JDM has grown to be a leader in China's press/punching/metal forming industry for the past 30 years.

Stamping press

  • High speed stamping press.

  • Presses for motor lamination.

  • Motor lamination press.

  • Mechanical stamping presses.

  • C Frame Presses.

  • Progressive Die Presses.

  • Progressive & Transfer Presses.

  • C Frame Servo Presses.


The Best High Speed 
Punch Manufacturer.

The company has more than 200 domestic and foreign precision machining equipment, adopting optimized design, PDM network management design, CAE dynamic simulation ERP information management system. With rich production experience and high-level production technology, our high-speed press products are exported to overseas and have won unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad.


Professional Mechanical Press 

Machine Manufacturer

High-speed Power Press Machine

Our products are suitable for high-speed and precision automatic stamping of automatic riveting iron cores such as new energy automobile motors, compressor motors, and energy-efficient industrial motors.

Product Features

  • Four - columned top cylinder structure.

  • Double-drive technology.

  • Slider multi-point force.

  • High-rigidity cast pre-stress machine body.

  • Multiple aging treatment.

  • Low inertia clutch brake.

  • Insert bearing.

  • Constant temperature lubricated cooling system.

  • Straight column + octagonal precision guide.


CGA 60 High Speed Stamping Press

JDM Ultra-precision high-speed press mainly used in electronic information industry fields such as the manufacture of semiconductor lead frame, integrated circuit lead frame, precision hardware, and electronic components, electronic connectors, precision motor core.

Product Features

  1. With high rigidity, level symmetric toggle mechanism, properties. Can be crankshaft than traditional completely different.

  2. Thermal deformation of the minimum with heat balance design control the bottom dead center position of minimum

  3. The slider displacement is minimum with speed change

  4. Near the bottom dead center of the cranksha Punch than retention time long, produce an excellent embossed effect to ensure product quality.

  5. Needle roller type 8 surface guide rail. transverse vibration and inclined is zero clearance obtain excellent partial load resistance protect the mold extend the life of the mold And 8 surface based on sliding block guide rail can be adjusted respectively, simplemaintenance


BSY300 Precision Mechanical Stamping Press 

The press machines are widely used for manufacturing in the industries of aviation&areospace,ship&vehicles, electric and electronic appliances, instruments and meters, medical facilities, hardware, etc.


  1. The machine body is welded of quality steel sheet and treated by tension elimination, improve the stability of precision of the machine.

  2. In order to guarantee the machine running in stable and smooth adopts the design of symmetrical two slid boards with balancer.

  3. The precision of mold adjusting up to 0. 1 mm safety, reliable and convenient.

  4. Crank, Gear, Connect bar are oxidized hardening, and milled, having super comprehensive mechanical performance and durable function.

  5. Reasonable structural design is convenient for automatic production and line production.

  6. Used reliable high-intensity clutch /brake and twin electromagnetic valve, overloading protector and guarantee safe production all-around.

  7. Used high-grade alloy steel, double crank, wide work center with connection bar structure. the optimized design is suitable for large sizes and the mold bearing large impact loading as well as pressing of eccentric mold.

  8. Adopted closed electric loop circuit, have compatible with any automatic equipments.


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