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Endforming machines


Small, Precise, Reliable

Endforming machines from the Rapid Series are extremely compact and designed to meet less complex production needs, while guaranteeing high levels of accuracy. The extremely compact ergonomics of the endforming machines in this line makes them easy to move and highly suitable for integration into new and existing work cells, also with Profinet communication protocol. The S0 and S1 machines have PLC with self-learning programming systems.



Limitless Endforming

Endforming machines from the Quick series are machines having up to three axes that can make up to 6 steps to shape the tube. They have an endforming power of 8 tons in thrust and rotation, because they can integrate different rotating heads. This family of machines uses CNC Siemens 840D sl technology. The Quick series also includes a model that can integrate hydroforming processes and endforming in the cycle. The performance of this line allows very complex shaping processes on short and medium-long tubes.


End forming machine with vertical clamping for tubes with large diameters

  • Heavy series endforming machines with vertical clamping are suited for complex processes: they can complete up to 6 steps during the cycle. This line ensures high production levels and high standards of quality and precision. Despite their large dimensions, the movements of the two CNC axes are precise. The machine is managed by the CNC Siemens 840D sl: very high performance numerical control technology. The layout of these endforming machines was designed to make operation and tool change operations easier, in addition to reducing the floor space occupied for a machine that was originally designed to process large diameters.

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