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For more than 20 years we have been working with our customers to improve, modify or update several applications related to the scope of technology into the HVAC-AUTOMOTIVE industry.

We make turn-key projects that are designed and implemented to achieve the specific KPI’s that our customers have in mind like ROI, cycle times, quality improvements, process automation, etc.

Some examples of the projects we have implemented:


Leak testing machinery:

  • Transfers from USA to MEXICO and MEXICO to USA.

  • Including the diagnosis of the machine at origin, disassembly, packing, assembly at the new facility, start up and R&R release with customer specifications.

Old machinery upgrades:

  • Change of old PLC programs/components, change from SIEMENS to/from ALLEN BRADLEY into our systems.

  • Full refurbishment of vacuum piping, change of old vacuum chambers, covers, etc.

  • Redesign of old machinery with two+ chambers to single chambers where all electrical components, control, and mechanical movements where rebuilt and split to form individual machines.

  • Among other implementations and upgrades, let us know.

hitech fondo de pantalla_052859.jpg
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Components upgrades:

  • Leak tester from one brand to another, old leak testers for new models like LDS3000, LDS2010, LDS2000, LDS1000, Pfeiffer ASI35, ASI30, ASI20.

  • Vacuum systems upgrades.        

  • Change from brand-to-brand components and brand-to-new-brand systems, including the main components like vacuum pumps, valves, and roots pumps.


  • Gas and instrumentation

  • Change of complete gas valves to achieve higher pressures, an upgrade from other brands to COAX & VAT valves where the support and service will improve the performance and local support.

Custom made applications are also into the scope of our company:

  • Special recovery units for mixtures of He and other gases (Air, N2, Ar).

  • Gas Mixers for improving the He % mixture to lower operational costs.

  • Automatic CB-TEC charging boxes for repair stations including leak testing, brazing, and traceability.

  • Automatic CLOSE-OPEN control for Helium gas supply for the shutdown time into production.

  • Automatic interchange/connection of old-new  Helium gas tank supply canisters.

  • Traceability systems with Opur TRAZE solution, for the control production process and data acquisition (see specific brochure).

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