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High reliability in your products.


Optimizing production processes, ensuring product quality, as well as protecting the environment, are the bases for obtaining outstanding results. And this you can achieve with the quality, reliability and flexibility that SEILER vacuum chambers offer.

*Ask about our maintenance policies for your vacuum chambers and components.

We are your ally in leak detection.

We accompany you from the planning phase to the conclusion of the process. We work on the specifications and scope of your project, defining together a realistic timeline for the product, the testing capacity, as well as the appropriate methods according to your products.

to the maximum.


Modular leak test system


Modular leak test system

For more than 15 years  we have provided the solution of VOLUME OPTIMIZED into the worlds market.

It combines quality, reliability and flexibility in the same

system, imaging test par "A" in one chamber and part "B" in the same system at the same time, or any combination (AA, AB, BA). 

This system have become the standard for simple or mass production worldwide when you have a specific part number (s) to be tested over and over. 

Short cycle times are also achieved, lower energy consumption and small foot print, due to the optimization of the internal volume of the vacuum chamber  (tooling) and flexible change over mode.



MLTS combines the following features.

Our vacuum chamber offers:

  • Single or double chamber with volume optimized.

  • Independent unit integrated by PLC, vacuum system and supply of.

  • Inficon / Pfeiffer / Leybold leak testers can be integrated, other brands upon request.

  • Base plate for the installation of special accessories.

  • Maximum pressure test 60 bar (870psi), freely adjustable parameters, high pressure under request.

  • Automatic internal calibration of the helium mass spectrometer (temperature compensated).

  • Automatic internal calibration cycle to define the machine factor.

  • Automatic parameter calibration of up to seven different tools (binary code).

  • Analog gauges to show internal pressure and vacuum.

  • We can work either with SIEMENS or Allen Bradley control upon request.

  • Language selection: German, English and Spanish.

  • Manual placement and connection of test pieces.

MLTS Leak Test


MLTS combines the following features.

Conventional standard chamber systems:

  • Low power consumption

  • Less production floor space

  • Less yearly maintenance costs

  • Flexibility in moving systems inside production

  • High availability by using high quality products

  • Inside the type specific vacuum chambers you will find no flexible hoses for connection which eliminate the problem of false leaks in the connection. 

  • Gas supply through the shafts directly into the connection port.

  • Path through test with pressure check on the second side.

  • Automatic mechanical punch on tested part inside the chamber before the operator take the tested part into his hands.

  • With the  same machine you will be able to test different parts only changing toolings for condensers, evaporators, hoses, HVAC components, etc.



MLTS  combines the following features.

Modular Helium Leak Test System MLTS2 Seiler Vakuumtechnik with Vacuum Technology.

It combines quality, reliability and flexibility in the same

system. This system also sets new standards for simple or mass production worldwide. Short time cycles can also be achieved, due to the optimization of the internal volume of the vacuum chamber (custom tooling).

Our vacuum chamber offers:

  • Flexibility in mounting the pumping system.

  • Easy access to the control cabinet.

  • Pumping during the leak test.

  • Test gas supply, pressure up to 300 bar.

  • Simple change of tools, thanks to the design of the base plate.

  • Access for maintenance services from all four sides.

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We can develop the right solution for you, with our long time knowledge,  technical support base, and detail attention to the problem solutions, we provide simpler, better, and long lasting machinery for your process.


Professional leak detection ensures that your products maintain a high level of reliability.

SEILER and HITECH applications are your allies in reliable systems for leak detection in your production lines.

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