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The "Cobots" are collaborative robots that are space friendly, safe, and flexible to implement.  Collaborative robots - or cobots - are making automation easier, for large corporations and even for small and mid-sized companies in different applications and processes.

Cobots are designed to share a workspace with humans,  all of these benefits have made our Cobotworks solutions a game-changer for a wide variety of applications.


First Pass Yield


Up Time

1HC x Shift


ROI by %HC

Quality & safety


We walk the project with you from the beginning to the end of the implementation.

We have a global vision to ensure the success of Collaborative technology implementations through teamwork from the Production, Manufacturing, Maintenance, and HHRR departments.

Technical Support  

Standardization & Training 


Set Up, ramp up, & follow up.


Mechanical,concept and ergonomics designs.


Technical engineers, contracts, support.

We are a strategic ally to our Clients and their manufacturing process, ensuring the success and development of the COLLABORATIVE automation into their production lines.

Focus on

TIGHTENING solutions

  1. Screw, bolt, assembly.

  2. Reduction of ergonomic risk, human hazardous operations. 

  3. Client current technology/tools integrated into our stations if required.

BRAZING  Solutions

  1. Flame with gas/ acetylen Oxigen / air.

  2. Inducción brazing for Cu, Al, SS, Etc.

  3. Production rates improvement.

DISPENSING solutions

  1. Precison and detail application of different materials.

  2. Repeatability, and standarization of dispensing. 

  3. From silicons, glues, polymeres, thermal adhesives, etc.

HE, H2, Refrigerant SNIFFING

  1. Improve of quality by reducing Human base errors.

  2. Flexible integration with or without vision systems.

  3. Small footprint for actual production floor.

Brazo robótico
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