A Mustang produced only by Mexican women

A Mustang produced only by Mexican women.

The Mustang Match-E, Ford's electric car, is produced, assembled and painted only by women at the plant in Cuautitlán, State of Mexico. For the brand, this fact shows the talent and effort of its collaborators who make the existence of vehicles of such magnitude possible on a daily basis.

To celebrate them, the brand contacted the plastic artist María Fernanda Ochoa, who intervened outside a Mustang Match-E unit. She stated that the eagle woman in the center of the car portrays every woman who works at the Ford plant; the sunflowers emblazoned on the trunk are a bond of strength and stability with the brand. In addition, the vehicle proudly displays the logo of Warriors in Pink, Ford's organization that fights against breast cancer.

María Fernanda Ochoa referred to this project: 'I hope that with this message everyone will remember how powerful we are and how powerful we are when we are united.' Through this message, Ford appreciates the participation of all the women who keep the brand as a key element for the world.

Source: Cluster Industrial

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