Leading the future of brazing technology.

SK Brazing has made a breakthrough in manual and automatic brazing with the results of more than 32 years of effort to find ways to innovate existing brazing concepts.

Automated and manual machines for brazing.

SK Brazing offers a full range of brazing products and services including metal filter selection, foundation selection, heat source recommendations, automation operations, and more.



Why use brazing equipment?

Faster and less expensive process

Allows dissimilar materials to be joined

Creation of clean joints

Greater precision in the process

Minimal thermal distortion and residual stresses

Automatable process


Flame Brazing Machines

Flame brazing is the most common method used in mechanized brazing. It is used in small production or special operations as it is ideal for joining components with simple configurations, such as tube to tube, tube to fittings and gaskets that have large differences in thermal mass.

This process is more versatile since it is possible to weld at a higher speed and its process can be automated.

  • The process is faster than welding.
  • Reduces fuel gas consumption.
  • You can join dissimilar base materials.
  • It is an efficient process for mass production.
  • It does not need subsequent heat treatment.
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Induction Brazing Machines

Induction brazing is a clean and fast process, providing tight control of temperature and heat location.

Induction generates heat only where it is needed in your part, providing a highly uniform and repeatable process with consistent and accurate quality welding every time.

  • Improves the efficiency of the process.
  • Quick and localized heat.
  • Less oxidation.
  • Creation of clean, precise and controlled joints.
  • Greater energy savings.

Resistance Heating Brazing Machines

Brazing by resistance heating the joints to be welded are part of an electrical circuit in which the heat developed by the resistance to the passage of electric current melts the filler metal and joins the elements.

This type of process is suitable for applications where rapid heating is required and where the electrodes can apply the pressure necessary to establish electrical contact.

  • Allows the union of conductive metals.
  • Only the point to be welded is heated.
  • Allows welding materials with thickness of .010 ”-.125”
  • It does not require contribution material.
  • High welding speed.

Solar Thermal Panel Processing Machines

As a company that is at the forefront of brazing technology and always focused on improving processes, SK Brazing is aware of the strict quality control and precision that is required in the manufacturing process of solar thermal panels, for this reason, it has built many types of machines dedicated exclusively to the processing of their components.

  • Automated or manual equipment.
  • Multiprocess equipment.
  • More efficient processes.
  • Reduction of production cycle times.

Manual Brazing Machines


Normal Gas Saver

Designed to reduce fuel gas and oxygen consumption during manual flame brazing.


Digital Gas Saver

It includes all the functions of Normal Gas Saver, but also includes digital readings of fuel gas and oxygen pressures.


Torch Boy

First gas saver in the world to incorporate a signal system that alerts the operator when and where to apply the flame to a set during the brazing process.


Torch Boy Table Unit

Incorpora las mismas funciones que el Torch Boy, pero aumenta el número de procesos guardados a más de 10 conjuntos.


Digital Torch Kit

It offers the same time and flame locations as the Torch Boy Table Unit, but incorporates automatic adjustment of gas pressures and flame conditions.


Torch Man

It includes all the features of the Digital Torch Kit, but adds automated torch movement and an automatic wire feed system.


Induction Manual Brazing Equipment

This equipment is designed for manual brazing using a lightweight gun and cable unit that minimizes operator fatigue. High and medium frequency equipment for tube brazing.


Resistance Manual Brazing Equipment

It is the world's first manual brazing equipment to allow tube-to-tube brazing with resistance heating.

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