Furnaces for Heat Treatments.

With more than 56 years in the market, ECM Technologies is a world leader in industrial Heat Treatment solutions and services.



These equipments help you significantly reduce manufacturing costs, as well as improve the durability of the parts produced.



+ than 1500 ovens installed


Support, maintenance and service


Repeatability and quality

backed by more than 50 years.


ICBP® Mono

Single chamber heat treatment furnace.

For low pressure carburization or carbonitriding.

ICBP® Mono ovens consist of a heating chamber that makes use of the Infracarb® patent for low pressure carburizing or carbonitriding. Cooling takes place in the neutral gas convection heating chamber.

These installations guarantee a great homogeneity of the process, a quality similar to that of larger installations and an optimization of the costs of use and maintenance.



Double chamber vacuum oven.

For oil quenching and gas quenching treatments.

The ICBP® Duo TG and TH ovens take advantage of the latest innovations from ECM Technologies, such as the rear access door, which facilitates maintenance; a revised design to optimize treatment cycles thanks to a preheated chamber and also allows direct integration with operating machines. In addition, these furnaces are a guarantee of the best treatment quality thanks to our INFRACARB® low pressure carburizing and carbonitriding process , already used in more than 1,100 ICBP® heating cells around the world.


ICBP® Nano

Heat treatment furnace.

For low pressure carburization and carburization.

ICBP® Nano ovens are the newest addition to the low pressure carburizing and carbonitriding range from ECM Technologies.

The ICBP® Nano is integrated into the production line and allows you to reduce cycle times while simplifying flows between machining and heat treatment.

The ICBP® Nano furnace consists of 1 module with 3 superimposed heating cells (expandable up to 6 cells; that is, 2 heating modules) and a gas quenching cell (helium or nitrogen) for cooling parts. The surface area of ​​this low-pressure industrial facility has been strictly reduced to a minimum thanks to the overlapping of cells.


ICBP® Flex

Multi-chamber furnace.

For low pressure cementation.

ICBP® Flex is the most popular system in ECM Technologies' range of low pressure carburizing furnaces. Its robustness, its simplicity and its reliability make it the reference solution in the market; It is widely used in more than 200 production systems around the world and more than 30 years of documented experience.

The compact, modular architecture of the ICBP® Flex is designed to meet the highest demands on part quality and productivity. The ICBP® Flex supports oil quenching cells (hot or cold), reversible flow single or double gas quenching (up to 20 bar) and heating cells, the number of which will depend on the required production capacity. Convective cells for high temperature return are also available.

  • A lightweight, thermally insulated transfer robot moves charges from one cell to another.
  • This modularity guarantees the possibility of combining all types of treatment methods with a continuous flow of charge production.
  • The ICBP® range comes with 1 to 10 heating cells, from ICBP® 100 to ICBP® 1000.
  • The incorporation of additional treatment cells to an existing installation allows to increase its production capacity to achieve a very low cost with an immobilization time of only a few days of treatment.

ICBP® Jumbo

Multi-chamber furnace.

Modular concept with central shuttle.

The ICBP® JUMBO multi-chamber furnace completes the range of solutions proposed by ECM Technologies for low pressure cementation, which allows the treatment of huge production volumes with optimized access to all the elements of the system.

The ICBP® JUMBO retains all the qualities of the compact and modular architecture of the ICBP® Flex and goes even further in terms of volume and quantity of parts treated in a low pressure carburizing facility.

  • Fully compatible with all versions of the aeronautical standard AMS2750E.
  • Compact installations with face-to-face cells and the possibility of having gas and oil quenching in the same installation.
  • Possibility of carrying out maintenance of the rear AND front of the cell DURING production thanks to the rails on which the cells are mounted, which allow the “Maintenance” position without extra costs for structural engineering.
  • The transfer module is hot and insulated at the same time to ensure uniformity of temper between charges.
  • This modularity guarantees the possibility of combining all types of treatment methods with a continuous flow of charge production.


Oil quenching vertical vacuum furnace.

For large loads.

Our range of PFTH vertical heat treatment furnaces is specially designed for the vertical heat treatment of long pieces that are usually found in aeronautical applications (landing gears), but also in any other sector of the industry where it is necessary to treat heavy loads, oversized loads or oversized parts.

This fully automated installation is specifically recommended for perfect reproducibility of results and to improve productivity.

1. A high temperature furnace (up to 1350 ° C) that makes use of the low pressure carburizing solutions developed by ECM Technologies.

2. High efficiency oil quenching, with double cold wall and integrated brazing.

3. Oil tank fully integrated into the floor, allowing for compact installation.

4. Mechanized lifting system that allows fast load transfers. A load support inside the oven allows to hold the pieces during heating.

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