We are there when you need us most.

Our clients trust us mainly due to three important factors:

Our high commitment

We always seek to comply with the agreements in a timely manner. You have our support and support to help you solve the challenges in your day to day, or in the development of new projects.

Our high level of specialization

Our technicians and team are constantly trained. This knowledge will allow you to implement improvements that translate into efficient processes, as well as continuous improvement. 

Our support 24/7, 365 days a year.

Support and advice when you need it. Eliminating downtime will allow you to solve challenges in a faster way, contributing to the reduction of losses or high costs.  

Your trust is our motivation.


To be the leading representative of global brands and strategic ally for manufacturing companies in the automotive and refrigeration industry, providing critical machinery and quality technical support within their key processes.


To be the reference leader in our market for solutions in specialized technologies of high value, quality and trust that we offer within the main economies of America.

We provide coverage and support in Mexico and aboard:








Center and South America

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